BRAND: Candidaterra
TYPE:  white wine
PERFECT WITH: Apetizers, Seafood, Risotto
ORIGIN: Ventotene (LT)
GRAPES: Falanghina, Fiano, Greco
ALTITUDE: 30 mslm
SUN EXPOSURE: sud-ovest
STUMPS/ha: 3500 ha
HARVEST: manually, the first 10 days of september
WINEMAKING: alcoholic fermentation carried out in steinless steel tanks at a controlled temperature.
MATURATION: 6 Months on fine lees in steel
REFINEMENT2 Months in a bottle
ALCOHOL: 13,5%
WINEMAKER: Vincenzo Mercurio



Only from a great grape its possible to create great wine. This is the basic rule that every producer knows he cannot escape if he intends to make a wine of excellence, so in this area we have dedicated the utmost attention and drawn on the best national skills. Before choosing the vines to be planted, careful geomorphological studies were carried out to identify the most suitable grape varieties to be grown on our land and near the sea, and then three varieties of vines were chosen: Greco, Fiano and Falanghina which are raised with the Guyot system. The harvest takes place in the first ten days of September, the fermentation takes place in steel containers at a controlled temperature, the wine matures, again in steel and on fine lees for six months and then two months in the bottle, assuming an alcohol content of 14%. The wine we produce is a skilful blend of Fiano, Greco and Falanghina, balanced, clear yellow in color, with a strong flavor and light scents of aromatic herbs, the taste includes sensations of freshness and minerality with hints of peach and citrus. It boasts an original organoleptic profile due to the unique characteristics acquired by the grapes that grow on tuffaceous soils of volcanic origin, caressed by the savory and uncontaminated sea winds and golden by our sun.
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